Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Just a little something I did for school:

You can be compared to my love for ocean city sunset’s
Promise to never leave and make me drive 300 miles just to gaze upon you
The salt from the water leaves my legs stinging
The waves crash and destroy anything that may cross their path
Although with so much beauty there’s still so much pain
digging my toes in the sand still leaves me empty
I can only pretend to be happy
I remember the days when you'd be here beside me
when it was just you and me
years fly by just like the miles that have grown between us
Although still so weak and powerless without you
I lean against the breeze and pretend that I am weightless
I lay my head against the sand and in this moment I am happy
I smell your skin and wish you knew how much I truly miss you
whether it be years away far or near I'll be seeing you
when we're old and withered sitting here with the crashing waves and colorful sunset
only then will time seem so well spent
you and I have seen everything there is to see
I remember you and all the things we used to do
All the things we used to say
with the darkest of waters and the highest of waves
I remember you this way