Monday, April 27, 2009

Sabrina Michelle Ariss

Dear Sabrina,
steal me away from this dry place
where the heat lifts me, and suffocates me
take me somewhere where I can finally breathe
I remember when things weren't so hard
let's look back and relax
save me from everything I can't stand anymore
because in this moment things become so clear
I'm lost, so distraught
I wanna break free from these chains today
don't you dare break those wings, just promise to keep on flyen'
Fly by Sab, cause you can save me now
just blame me for the past, but only if you change me now
maybe I'll say I rely on you now
maybe that'll make you realize
you left, so steal me away and take me with you
dude, I shoulda known better that this wouldn't last forever
because all I see is desert now, all I feel is the heat
my skin burns, and my strength slows
save me from this place cause eternal youth doesnt exist now
embrace the past, but face the future
steal me away before it's too late
time will pass and faces will change
someday sab, it'll be too late to apologize

Fly Bye xoxoAmidea.