Thursday, November 29, 2007

I'm a hypocrite

I want so much to open your eyes.
I want you to tell me you understand all I've said
I want you to open your eyes to the past few years
just tell me you understand everything I've done.

You still play these games
I'm over it.
for the last time; I'm here
but I'm moving on now.
I screwed up. your right about that
you say "your a hypocrite"
and I may be about these things you say... I may be.
but I know what I'm doing whether you understand my intensions or not.
I know where I belong in this world

you don't understand some things about me
but I'm willing to share everything with you
I'm willing to share my secrets, thoughts; my life.
I've been thrown around
I've been let down
I know what this life is capable of
and soon enough I wont have you in my thoughts
soon enough I will be long gone, and I'll just be a memory.

you say you love;
but you don't know what that means
you don't know how to play these games. at all.
you think your slick.
you think you do this so well
but you don't
I've written every book you've read
I've invented every word you've said
leave, cause you really are a stupid idiot.

I've said these words over and over
and my friends know you so well
she'll tell me to move on.
and she'll say your just using me; you ARE taking advantage of every second you spend with me. every three words you speak. your such a liar.
and you always will be.

I give up.

L I F E.
it's a fuckin mess right now.
since that one day. I've givin up on this life
I'm hopeless
you all knew that already though
because without this shit we play
what is my life meant for?
what am i doing here?
because this town only reminds me of one thing
 Y O U
and I want nothing more than to forget you
please. oh gawd please
just leave me. say goodbye
cut all ties

I'm going through this life alone
cause i dont need any of you
I never will need any of you
I wont.
and you all know that
because i'm better off alone
you say these things like they mean something to me.
you tell me these things like i really listen.
but i dont.
I'm off in the world of straws and lines.
I belong in that big city.
without you
so i can drown. i just want to drown.
cause im the fish that escapes.

get me away from here.
i'm going insane